Wettolsheim, quite a charming village in Alsatia

It feels good living in the countryside !

In Alsatia, at 5 km in the southwest of Colmar, between Wintzenheim and Eguisheim, you will find Wettolsheim surrounded by vineyards, fields, hayfields and forest. It is located at the foot of broad hills covered with vineyards, overhanged by famous ruins of castles : northside the Hohlandsbourg, southside the Three Castles of Eguisheim, and westside the Hagueneck, hidden in the forest and built on a small rockpeak.


Wettolsheim is a dynamic village, forward-looking and all the same strong involved in the advantages of his rural environment, and for the visitors of the picturesque Alsatia, Wettolsheim is an insider tip. For people who choosed this "happy Alsatia" as their residence, it is an island of quietness, only five minutes away from their workplace.


Wandering in a postcard

Wettolsheim is Alsatia with its variegated timbered houses, aimless promenades through flower decorated alleyways, the generous Alsatia to be discovered by culinary delights and also by a small talk with some locals.


Archaelogy and history...

Nearly all antique epoches are represented in Wettolsheim.


In the district "Erlen" (near the ground limit to Colmar) potteries from the age of the elder bandceramics have been found amongst many other relicts.


In the district "Kuhweidbrunnen", the relicts of a gallo-roman villa and a vase filled with over 1000 coins were burried out.


At the north-eastern border of Wettolsheim, graves from the merovingian age containing also gilded bronze rings, a necklet with amber and glass beads, pattern-welded brooches have been discovered...


A further tourist feature...

A replication of the the Grotto at Lourdes (Grotto from Massabielle at Lourdes, south-west of France) was built by Mgr SCHOEPFER, bishop of Tarbes and Lourdes, at the spot of his birthplace which burned down August 4th 1911.


The grotto in the center of the village is the place of many religious ceremonies.